Design / Animation / Art Direction
* Collaboration with Nicholas Luchak

The lyric video for “Beats” sees projections, live-action, and animation layered together by multidisciplinary designers Jadyn Klassen and Nick Luchak, working under the moniker TGFS (an unofficial conglomerate and acronym for the name of the vacated Tropical General Food Supply store in which the two of them once shared a studio space.)

"There were a lot of moving parts in putting together the video that all worked quite well together,” says TGFS. “We were given the chance to run wild with layout and type, treating every phrase like its own poster. At the end of the day, we wanted to make a lyric video that was engaging, playful, and resonated with Begonia’s sensibility: dreamy, casual, colourful, and glamorous.”

Single Artwork: